ShaperCup™ is for everyone

We help women from all walks of life fight unwanted cellulite in their bodies. Our cups are specially designed massage tools that are non-invasive and easy to use.

Cellulite hard to eliminate?

You are not alone!

Thanks to its innovative "skin pinch & roll technique", ShaperCup treats the underlying causes of cellulite, stimulating the natural tissue healing process.

Simple & Easy to use

1. Apply any massage oil and lubricate the treatment area

2. Squeeze the ShaperCup and place it at the bottom of the massage area

3. Massage the area for 5 mins in straight, zigzag and circular motion

4. Hydrate after the treatment

About ShaperCup™

Recreate at home and at your own pace, the famous "skin pinch and roll technique" from SPAs and beauty therapists. This technique is the only efficient one, recognized by professionals to fight cellulite.